10 Ways to Spend My Time Now That the Thank You Notes are Done

When people give my children a gift, or me for that matter, I'm grateful. I truly am. But the thought of the effort and time I'll then have to put into thank you notes, organizing lists of who gave what gift, or the absolute worst not knowing who gave them what is exhausting. With a recent study reporting that busy moms get only 17 minutes a day of "me time", completing thank you notes is not among the ways I want to use that time. I'm embarrassed to say there have been times when I ignored my better angels in favor or what was easy. No more. I found a handy app, OurGifts, that let me get through the thank you notes I've been putting off since March in less than thirty minutes! So, what am I going to do with all of this extra time?
Learn a new language - Merci, gracias, danka, grazie, 谢谢. There are as many ways to say thank you as there are languages in the world. Learning to say thank you and a whole lot more in a foreign tongue would put that 17 minutes a day to good use!
Finish the book on my nightstand - I'm thankful it's a copy of The Power of Now as it's decreased the amount of guilt I feel that it's been there for over a year. It's impossible to feel guilty when you're staying in the now.
Binge watch something that's not animated - My Netflix queue is full of cute, little, fuzzy creatures that speak an octave higher than is normal. It might not be as literary a pursuit, but catching a grown up show or two is high on the list of things I'll be thankful for.
Do yoga - Completing an uninterrupted practice from the first sun salutation to the last downward dog doesn't seem like it would be too difficult, but if you think that, you don't have two small kids.
Call a friend - I wish there was an app that notified my closest friends whenever I thought about them during the day. Or telepathy. That would be cool. But calling a friend to catch up would be the ultimate thank you to me.
Take a bath - Before kids, I took for granted the sheer amount of time I could spend relaxing in the bath. These days, quick showers take care of cleanliness but a hot, soothing bath is the ideal for relaxation.
Play Solitaire - Call me old school, but the introvert in me loves a quiet game of solitaire. It's my 17 minutes, I'll use them how I want!
Plan a vacation - I've got to put that newly learned language to good use, right? Bon voyage!
Nothing - Sometimes, you just need to do nothing in order to reset. Or since I'm not very good at doing nothing, maybe we'll call this meditation.
Finish a glass of wine - Nothing like the perfect vintage to make you give thanks for "me time".
What ever you do, just don't spend a minute more of your 17 minutes of "me time" on a task that isn't for you.