5 Easy Tips for a Stress-Free Baby Shower

A baby shower is one of the single happiest events in the life of an expectant mother, and whether you are the honoree or the lucky hostess, the details and planning for the perfect day can get a bit overwhelming. Relax! We scoured the web to bring you some great trips on throwing an amazing baby shower without all the stress.

Less is more when it comes to decorations - RealSimple suggest that you let the guests do most of the work by artfully arranging the gifts as your centerpiece. The different shapes and textures will make a beautiful centerpiece that is also functional. Alternatively, CountryLiving has some great ideas for making the food the center of attention.
Keep shower games simple - While the expectant mother will be excited about her day, a rushed schedule and too many shower games can set the wrong tone or just make everything seem rushed. DrivenByDecor offers some clever ideas for party games including Guess the Baby. Simply have guests send you a baby photo of themselves.
Collect books instead of cards - Is there any better way to set baby off on a life-long love of reading than to make sure he or she has a fully stocked library of books? Livingly suggests you ask guests to bring their favorite children's book in lieu of a card. Instruct them to write any special notes on a book plate rather than directly in the book, so mom-to-be can switch out any duplicates. We all love Goodnight Moon, but we don't need 20 copies of it!
Arrange supplies for gift opening ahead of time - There's nothing worse than rushing around looking for a trash bag or a notebook to write down gift details. Put scissors, trash bags, and a marker under your chair so you won't have to leave your post during the important gift opening portion of the shower. Have the mom-to-be download OurGifts - Send a 'Thank You' in a Snap ahead of time so you can take photos of her opening each gift, record the details of who gave what, and set her up for effortless thank you notes all from her iPhone or iPad.
Send thank you notes in a snap with OurGifts - If the mom-to-be uses the OurGifts app to record gifts received, sending thank you notes will take minutes instead of hours. Each card can be customized with a special photo of the mom-to-be and guest at the baby shower or the mom-to-be with her gift. Each guest will feel special receiving their own unique thank you card that celebrates the happy event and gratitude of the mom-to-be.