OurGifts has EVERYTHING you need to record your gifts and send thank you cards in a snap!
Whether it is a baby shower, kid's birthday party or your wedding, use OurGifts to record and take photos of your gifts as you receive them so you will always know who-gave-you-what.

When you are ready to say thank you, select one of our 130 thank you card templates. You don't have to worry about how to word a thank you card because the card will automatically include a personal thank you message based on the gift details you already recorded. You can edit the message to make it more personal or send it as is it. Cards can include a photo so add a photo of the kids opening their gifts or a photo from the event to put a smile on someone's face.

Your card is now ready to send via SMS, Email, Facebook, WhatsApp or other social media. You can also save and print high-quality cards for special events.

It really is that quick and easy!