Science Says Thank You Cards make You Happier & Healthier

In a world where we are always on-the-go, always on, and just always busy, sometimes we forget our manners. We might plan to write out that thank you card or send a note to a friend, but life gets in the way. It now seems that science gives you some great reasons to write those thank you cards. According to Berkeley University, practicing gratitude has powerful mental and physical health benefits.
Saying thank you makes you more grateful, and grateful people:

  • have stronger immune systems, exercise more and lead healthier lives
  • sleep longer and feel more refreshed upon waking
  • lower blood pressure
  • less bothered by aches and pains
  • experience more joy, optimism, and report feeling more alert and alive
  • are more helpful, generous, and compassionate
  • more forgiving
  • feel less lonely and isolated
  • feel more joy and pleasure
  • more optimistic and happy
Those seem like pretty good reasons to send thank you notes. "But wait," you might say. "I'm too busy."

Don't despair! A heart-felt thank you doesn't have to be a time-intensive thank you. It's all about the thought and intention, right? It's about the act of saying thank you, and there's an app, OurGifts, that makes it as easy as snapping a selfie. Start practicing gratitude and reap the benefits!